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Today’s business environments require a single, integrated IP network that appropriately prioritises different types of traffic and supports end-user access to business applications across the enterprise anyplace, anytime.



The flexible nature of our digital services gateway means that our pan-regional network is a combination of our own as well as strategic partner points of presence, with international transit provided via submarine cables to data centre PoP locations in multiple countries.



With a lack of access to reliable and redundant power sources and connectivity mediums in most countries on the African continent, the cost of companies building and maintaining an on-premise data centre is prohibitive.


Aside from hosting the points of presence for our core network and acting as critical peering interconnection points, these data centres provide clients with a range of standard hosting offerings as well as a complementary managed services portfolio.


here are so many benefits to migrating services into the cloud. High-speed connections, back-up and restore data options, automatic software integration, reliability, mobility and unlimited storage capacity are just a few.


Data breaches and security fraud costs companies millions every year, causing major reputational and operational damage. One of the major challenges facing organisations is the ability to stay abreast of the latest threats and being able to proactively prevent them.

Just applying the latest patches and keeping up with the latest virus definitions is extremely time-consuming.

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